Industrial History Section

The Industrial History Section (IHS) of the YAHS promotes and encourages the study and appreciation of Yorkshire’s varied industrial archaeology and history.

Our annual programme includes 6 lectures given by local and nationally known experts, a members’ meeting and guided walks to sites of past and present industrial activity. During 2015-16 our meetings will be held at the Swarthmore Education Centre, 2 – 7 Woodhouse Square, a few minutes’ walk from the Town Hall in the centre of Leeds. Participating in our activities enables contact with other members with like-minded interests.

The IHS publishes a Newsletter, which includes news, short articles, and reports of talks. It is distributed to members 3 times a year to provide up-to-date information on industrial history in Yorkshire and beyond. In partnership with other societies we are working to create a database to record and provide web access to information about Yorkshire’s historic industrial sites – Yorkshire Industrial Heritage Online.

There is the opportunity to undertake practical research and IHS members have access to the YAHS Library and Archive which are amongst the foremost collections on Yorkshire.


Contact information

Chair & Newsletter Editor Margaret Tylee
Vice Chair & Membership Secretary Robert Vickers
Lecture Secretary Jane Ellis